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Please select from the following menu that which meets your needs. Complete the contact information, and credit card details. After receiving such we will timely schedule a flight to fullfill your requirements.

Please contact us if you have different requirements than that which is offered in the menu. We will reply with a complete, comprehensive plan that will meet your request.



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5 to 10 digital aerial frames provided on a CD


10 to 15 digital aerial frames provided on a CD + one 11 x 14 color photograph


15 to 20 digital aerial frames provided on a CD + one 11 x 14 color high resolution commercial digital aerial frames provided on CD


20 to 30 digital aerial frames provided on a CD + one 11 x 14 color H/R commercial digital aerial frames on CD + one 11 x 14 color photo


*Taxes Included!!



1)  For Custom or Special Order Requests, provide your contact information and we will arrange a meeting to discuss details.  You can be expected to provide location address, full contact information the day of the shoot, preferred direction and angle of shoot, and any other criteria you desire to achieve in the product.  CCAP will provide a price based upon actual costs incurred if beyond the Charlotte greater metropolitan area.  A 50% deposited of estimated price will be required.

2)  Should you have interest is use of the CCAP Photo Gallery inventory of photos, let us know your desire and we will make them available at a price based upon the details of your photo needs.  Resale of photos in the gallery is prohibited without the prior written consent of CCAP.

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